Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's Get This Thaang Goin'

ALRIGHTY people, it's almost 2 a.m. and I'm up... why? Because it's one of the first nights I've had to myself in a LOOONG time... and it feels GOOD, so, I'm taking full advantage of it! : )

Okay, let's get started. It's a beautiful NEW year with NEW opportunities, I'm SO eager to start writing some NEW (sorry for the all the caps) wonderful chapters in my life's story. I can ONLY imagine how many it will hold, and the same goes for you, my little pumpkin' boo...

First thing's first. My baby boy, Major, aka "Maj", is 13 MONTHS old (OMG) and he is absolutely THE cutest freaking baby I've ever seen (Listen, I'll be honest... I wasn't expecting a Fabio-ish looking infant w/ my personality who has an agent that calls more than mine!! Okay?) Anywhoo, becoming a mom has changed my ENTIRE life (hah) in every way, shape, and form... to say the LEAST. It's also taught me so many things that I never knew.
For example, I've never been afraid to love someone, ever; but, when you find yourself loving someone more than you can even comprehend yourself, at times it can get scary. I've never been so protective, so blown away, and so intrigued by an unexplainable bond, and most of all, blessing from God up above.

Moving on. It's funny, cause I've known what I was meant to do with my life. Big plans have always been intended... just like for your own life, my own life. If you actually think about the EFFORT put in to bring a BABY into the world!! Oh my GOSH... EVERY detail, EVERY trait, EVERY molecule, EVERY DESTINY... we're all obviously put on this Earth to accomplish our insane potential. Now, granted, life's throws us (or just me) some freakin' curveballs (trust me!) BUT, in the end, and at the end of the day, I believe we should all be so grateful to be alive with oxygen in our lungs, and be looking forward to the next best thing we've yet to experience.

Lately, I've struggled with feeling overwhelmed... for many reasons. I'm sure you can relate. And I wonder why such a HUGE portion was put on my not-so-big-enough plate. Then, I realize that's not true, not true at all. I know the Lord above will not give me more than I can handle (I'm living proof because I'm alive and breathing!!), and I know that if anyone can handle it, it's me, and it's you too. We're built MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY to be resilient to some extent... it's true, the human body is the most amazing work of art I've ever know. What that means to me is that no matter what we've gone through, no matter what we're going through, or what we're going to face in the future- we can survive and come out stronger than before! HALLELUJAH!! :-D

Okay... so I've been putting together a band here in Dallas, TX. I met a really awesome guitarist/writer/now friend who I've been collaborating with in the past few months. We are both eager to find the right drummer & bassist to start playing gigs/hitting the road with. From the time that we met, we've written a full set of original music (aka: a live show's length & then some). I'll post some links at the end of this blog, and if you know any musicians or producers in this area (cause we'll be recording an EP within the next month) please send them our way!! : ) Gracias mi amigos.

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